Guest Rules


Shoes are required in all public rooms and dining areas. Men must remove their hats upon entering any interior dining area. Men’s golf shirts must be tucked in at all times in all areas of the clubhouse with the exception of the Men’s Locker Room and the Men’s Card Room. Other men’s shirts that are intended to be worn untucked are allowed unless contradictory to the dress code for that event.

Swim attire and men’s sleeveless t-shirts are prohibited from any interior areas of the Clubhouse. At lunch, bathers properly covered and attired will be served on the dining room trellis porch. Towels are not proper attire.

The above restrictions will not apply to guests who are invited solely for dining or social events, except that the House Committee, at its sole discretion shall have the authority to limit the number of guests on certain occasions.

Racquets, golf clubs, towels and other sports gear should not be brought into any dining areas.
The same dress codes apply to non-golfers visiting the Halfway House for dining purposes.

Appropriate dinner attire as suggested by the calendar for the day must be worn in public rooms and dining areas. Children are expected to adhere to attire guidelines.

Members and their guests leaving the Club after 7:00pm, in day time attire should exit through the secondary entrance to the parking area. They should not congregate around the main entrance.

Food and Beverages

All food and beverages consumed on the premises must be furnished by the Club and consumed in the room or area where served. Food purchased for on-premises consumption may not be removed from the premises.
Beverages in glass containers may not be taken to the pool area.

Cellphone Policy

It is expected that members and their guest will utilize their cellular phones in a manner that respects others as to be determined in the first instance by the General Manager of the Club. Making or receiving telephone calls must be done in a fashion that you do not disturb anyone. As an example, while making or receiving a call, you should be in a place appropriately away from other members, guests and staff.


Cars must be parked within the marked lines in the parking lot. Parking is prohibited in the area adjacent to the First Tee and the Club entrance. Directional and parking signage must be adhered to at all times.